Natural Gas
Natural Gas

“Natural gas is a combustible gaseous mixture of hydrocarbons, mostly methane.  It is colorless and odorless and best known as the fuel that produces the blue flame that are used to provide heat for industrial processes, and as a raw material to produce petrochemicals, ceramics, glass, plastics, paints, fertilizers and a wide variety of other industrial products.”



The base of natural gas is methane (CH4), the simplest hydrocarbon (organic compound consisting of carbon and hydrogen atoms). Normally, it also includes heavier and some non hydrocarbon admixtures.


As a clean alternative, it produces relatively low pollutants, so the air stays clean. Natural Gas also has fewer emissions than coal or oil and has virtually no ash particles left after combustion.


With the variety of advantages made available from this energy source, we are eager to share the benefits and innovative solutions, which Natural Gas can bring to your home or business.


Undoubtedly, Natural Gas is also a cost-efficient fuel. Our customers have made substantial savings in operating costs, simply by switching to Natural Gas from other petroleum-based energy sources.



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