What is a Metering Skid?

NGDC metering skid is a complete assembly of equipment of pressure reduction and gas flow measurement.


What is the unit of measuring gas flow?

Standard Cubic Feet per hour (SCFH).


What is the heating value of fuel gas supplied by NGDC?

Normally it is within the range of 930 BTU/SCF to 1080 BTU/SCF


How the dry gas quantity consumed converted to Energy?

The energy is obtained by multiplying gas quantity consumed with the gas heating value.


How the consumed gas quantity is billed to the customer?

The data from the customer meters are collected automatically through SCADA system and the total gas quantities is compared with the quantity supplied by Saudi Aramco prior in issuing invoices to each customer.


What is the measurement unit NGDC charge for customer billing?

MMSCF (Million Standard Cubic Feet) is used for fuel gas consumed volume and MMBTU (Million British Thermal Unit) for the consumed energy value.


How is the natural gas distributed by NGDC?

The fuel gas is being distributed through an underground carbon steel pipeline network.  The pipeline size is 12” to 2” with the main header pressure of 350 PSI and reduced to required pressure of  factories.


What is an odorant?


The rotten egg like odor added to gas that comes from the additive called mercaptan, a chemical that has a sulphur-like smell.



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