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Company Profile


“Natural Gas Distribution Company (NGDC) is the pioneer organization in natural gas distribution and the largest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established in year 2000 licensed by Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.”



The supply of gas started with 25 industrial customers in 2002 and continuously expanding the supply of fuel gas to other industries.  Currently, 51 industrial customers are connected to NGDC gas pipeline distribution network.


NGDC received natural gas from Saudi Aramco through underground pipeline network and distributing to various industries in Second Industrial City of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 


As awareness of factory owners are rising on the advantages of natural gas as clean, cost effective and safer source of heat energy compared to other petroleum-based energy, NGDC expects the consumption will be higher in future due to increase in the existing customers demand in line to their expansion plans and other potential customers in the industrial area.




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